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Friday, September 9, 2011

flash friday

This week flew by. It was a short work week. We got lots of rain. and then more rain. and then some more. Locally there are areas that are literally under water. There are mandatory evacuations. Bridges closed yesterday. No driving in some areas (including a whole county) Schools are having "rain" days. Homes are being destroyed by this water. There even have been some fatalities. I know areas beyond the Capital Region are being hit even harder and experiencing even more devastation. Everytime I see more photos or hear another story about how Irene and Lee have impacted our area, I feel awful for those families and feel so blessed that we are okay.

Liam loves to say "puddle" and loves to jump in those puddles even more. After a long day of rain and being indoors all day long he got to do a little splashing.  So did Lovey.

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