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Thursday, February 23, 2012


We made it to Ash Wednesday Service last night. We questioned whether or not to go as Liam was in a "drop to the floor, kicking and crying" kind of mood. But we chanced it and of course, it turned out well. On the way to church we gave Liam a little pep talk to get him ready for church, because it has been a while.

After the ashes there was a bit of silence and this is how my silence was filled:

Liam: "what dat?" (pointing to my forehead)
Me: "Ashes"
Liam "Oh, ASSES! Daddy got ASSES too?"
Me: "Yes, Liam, ashes. Daddy has ashes too and so do you. Ashes."
Liam: "Ohhhh I got ASSES?"
Me: "Yes, honey, you have ashes too."

Oh lord!

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