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Friday, February 17, 2012

flash friday

I realized the other day I really have not taken a photo in over a month (with my camera- the phone cam doesn't count). And that made me a bit sad. I don't have any photos from this week. I didn't even take one of Liam on vday in his cute sweater vest & oxford.  Maybe I will have some next week. I can share what our week has been like in words...
We took some time on Saturday and went up to Saratoga. I surprised the guys with a lunch for V-day and we got to wander through G. Willikers without spending any money. Believe me we tried to spend some money, but there just wasn't anything we thought Liam absolutely needed or anything he thought he absolutely needed)... And it was just a good, fun, simple day. Sunday we enjoyed a morning play date with the Sanders. It has been so much fun to watch Dylan grow and it is fun to remember what life was like when Liam was his age. It seems like that was so long ago, but really it was only eight months ago. Tuesday I rode into work with a car that was smoking like a Cheech & Chong movie. So that went into the shop, but the good thing is that Andrew picked me up and we headed over to Liam's daycare early. We crashed his Vday party. Toddlers can really throw it down. & then we enjoyed a vday dinner from one of our favorite places.
 The rest of the week has sort of been a blur...Andrew has been feeling awful all week. Maybe a bad cold. Maybe the flu. But he has been pushing through it, taking care of us, taking care of Olive and just being absolutely fantastic (as usual). Liam has pink eye...five kids and a parent at daycare had it and now Liam makes kid 6.  Since my car has been in the shop most of the week, we have been car pooling, which is really nice. A lot of other stuff has been going on too,  but I will save that for another time. I think this post is long enough.
Happy Weekend!

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