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Friday, October 1, 2010


Liam started a new daycare on Tuesday. We are hoping that the third time is the charm. 

Not to go too far into detail, there were some things at the previous daycare that made this mama a bit hesitant to leave Liam there all day. So Andrew and I started to seek out another daycare provider and found a daycare center that we both approved of and there was an opening for Liam! Perfect. So we broke up with the previous daycare provider and gave a two week notice. Well things went from to  pretty smooth to rocky to explosive in a matter of days. So we pulled Liam out of there sooner than expected. Fortunately, the new place was able to take him in sooner that we originally planned for.

So far, so good. The staff have shared that he is adjusting really well. He gets along well with the other kids and loves to play. He eats like a champ and is still adjusting to nap time. They told me one day this week that he is quite the social butterfly. Which is cute now, but when he is ten and in school and getting in trouble for being the social butterfly, not so cute. There is a "motor room" at daycare, which is pretty much a huge room with toys and all mats. A safe area for the kids to explore, play and get crazy. Liam got crazy alright. So crazy that he somehow managed to get a mat burn on his forehead. Staff reported that he cried a little, got right back up and went back to what he was doing. Boys will be boys.

I am also adjusting to the new daycare. I feel very comfortable leaving him there. It is cute because the kids get excited when Liam arrives. Liam eats it right up (social butterfly). The staff are very kind and it feels like big family there. I hope this continues...for a while. It is also comforting to me that at most there can only be 8 babies in his room- which is important to Andrew & I and for Liam. Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the best things about this new place...it is only a 5 minute walk from Andrew's office. So he can pop in whenever he wants and even have lunch with Liam. We find that to be fantastic!

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