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Saturday, October 30, 2010

flash friday

I can't believe a week has gone by since my last post. So you are probably wondering, "what the heck has been happening?"Andrew and I have been diligently preparing and getting everything in order for Liam's birthday parties (maybe I will give a little sneak peek later on). Yes folks, this lucky little boy is having three 1st birthday parties. The first one is next weekend in Utica. The second one is at our home and the third will be in the OuterBanks. It is pretty obvious that Liam is loved by so many people. I have been working hard on getting his first year of photos book completed. And I have also started to look into getting this bad boy printed. On top of that work has been super bonkers for Andrew and just bonkers for me.

Liam is now clapping his hands, especially when he is eating. He is also trying to stand up on his own from a sitting position. He gets up on his knees and then attempts to stand. No luck, yet.  He also has been teething awfully. We really wish those teeth would pop through. Last weekend and early in this week, he could wake up crying throughout the night, act like Mr. Cranky Pants and there were some serious blow-outs.

Liam got to enjoy two Halloween parties this week. One at Andrew's job and one at daycare. We are looking forward to trick or treating on Sunday with him. Here is just a little peek at our happy dragon & Olive.

Olive is more interested in the treat part of trick-or-treat.

Happiest dragon on the block.

Liam really like to touch the innards of the pumpkin when Andrew was carving it.

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  1. The Outer Banks contingent can't wait to celebrate Little Man's first!

    Love, Aunt Liz