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Thursday, October 21, 2010

open house

Liam's daycare hosted an open house for those parents who were interested in what their kid does all day long. When we arrived, Andrew & I were the only parents. Then we were informed that we were the only ones who signed up. That is a bummer, but again we are new parents.  Overall, Liam is doing great. He shares with other kids, knows when to back off if someone is not in a good mood, really likes to interact with the other kids and uses his left hand a lot :)
It was nice to hear that they enjoy having Liam there (really, how could they not?!?) and that if he decides not to sleep during the day, that is okay. And if he decides to poop four times in one day, that is okay too. A month into the new daycare, Andrew and I are really satisfied with everything. We really hope that this continues and he can stay there for a bit. Plus, Liam's excitement about daycare (happy squeals) equals two enthusiastic thumbs up (I wish he would figure that out already).

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