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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ughhh the dreaded resolutions. I have decided to commit to keeping my resolutions this year. As tempting as it is to get off track and do what is the easiest, I am going to truly stick to my guns and keep myself in check this year. So with that being said here is what I plan on accomplishing in 2011:

1. Complete the 2011 Warrior Dash. This is in August. I have eight months to get ready to complete this challenge. The more I read about this, the more I wonder, what I was thinking?

2. To push and challenge myself. Complete the Couch to 5k challenge. Then work on  improving my time.

3. Participate in the Troy Turkey Trot. This should be cake compared to the W.D.

4.  To improve my outlook and my health.

So what are your resolutions??

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