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Monday, January 31, 2011


Out with the old and in with Lovey. Please meet Lovey, Liam's newest and most favorite pal.
Lovey T.M. Gregory
Liam brings him back and forth between daycare and home. He insists that Lovey is involved in every moment of his life. Getting Liam in the bath tub last night without Lovey caused a major melt down. Lovey almost got yogurt during breakfast this morning. I am not a fan of stuffed animals and at one point I think I may have said that my kid would not have an abundance of stuffed animals...well that was all talk. Liam is all about this blue monkey. So much that I am going to try to find a Lovey #2 just in case Lovey #1 goes missing, runs away or has a devastating encounter with the washing machine.


stuff animal overload

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