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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Liam,

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet boy.  I can't even begin to explain everything that you have tried, conquered and experienced this past year.  I think over night you transformed into a little boy. That baby you once were is just a figment of my imagination these days. Those days of holding your bottle, then your spoon for you are over. You are drinking from a cup and have mastered (for the most part) the use of utensils. The days of having to figure out why you were crying are mostly gone. The days of a gummy smile are far gone. I look at photos of you from just last year and can't believe how much you have changed: physically, emotionally and developmentally.

While I have enjoyed every moment of being a parent and learning how to be your mom, I truly think the past six months have been my favorite. Your vocabulary has exploded. You love to walk and hold my hand and your dad's hand. Your table manners are improving. You have started to use the potty. Your crib is a piece of your past. You sleep in to at least 7am. You love to read and be read to. You absolutely prefer your dad over me. You know who your gammas & pat-tas are. You know who your buddies are. You love to color and draw. You love to play with Olive. You love music and love to dance. You love Toy Story. You love to climb. You love to laugh out loud. You love to jump on the bed after a Saturday morning snuggle. You love to comb your own hair and put on your chappy.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Soon you will be riding a bike, starting kindergarten, graduating from school, starting your own life, maybe even starting your own family.  I am trying to soak up every minute of you and all our moments, as I know it all goes by so fast. I can't wait to see who you become and what paths you explore. I hope you always know that no matter what paths you choose, your dad and I are right there behind you, supporting and encouraging you all. the.way.

Thanks for making me one proud mom. Thanks for making me one blessed mom. Thanks for reminding me of how fun the simple things in life are. Thanks for giving me those hugs and smiles. Thanks for being you. I love you to infinity & beyond!

Love Always,


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