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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So much for a blog post a day all month long...ugh. I missed yesterday.  I had good intentions, but that is about as far as it go.

I knew I needed to post a blog yesterday. Thought about it often throughout the day. Then came 6:45pm.We celebrated Liam's 2nd birthday yesterday with a party. The kid went all day long without a nap. I was ready for nap by the time 4 o'clock came around. He had a great time and I hope everyone who came to the party did, too. Root beer floats and whoopie pies later, we all were exhausted.  Liam was in his flannel, Elmo jammies and he fell asleep in my arms on the couch. Something that never happens any more. So I soaked it up and eventually Andrew brought Liam up to bed. Andrew and I  then ate dinner and watched a movie..without any interruptions. Something else that never happens anymore.  A good end to a great day.

A boy and his mom

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