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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pinch, ouch.

 There is this one lady who does check ins at Liam's pediatrician's office. Somehow she remembers him. Yesterday when we walked in she got all excited to see him and then proceeded to give him at least ten stickers. A good start to crappy doctor's visit- it was time for more shots.

He did well with his exam, according to Dr.D. he looks and sounds great, is on target for meeting all milestones and she also said to not get too concerned about the "w" sitting- as there are no other concerns with walking, running, sitting. She said we could certainly go ahead and put a request to have him evaluated by early intervention, but she thought he would not qualify for any services. He is also 26lbs!

He then had his finger pricked and two shots. Poor little guy. I recall how sad it was when he got shots as an infant, but now he is more aware and it was absolutely more sad yesterday than any other time. I gave him heads up that he would feel a pinch and it would be sore.  After it was done, and the tears had stopped and he had his Dora snacks in hand, the nurse said good bye, Liam looked at her and said "pinch!". I am sure he would have called her something else if his vocabulary was bigger.
  So the whole ride home I kept on hearing him say "Mommy, pinch, pinch, ouch".  Poor kid, but he did get an awesome DJ Lance Rock sticker from the nurse.

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