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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Na.Blo.Po.Mo # 3

We attended Liam's parent/teach conference yesterday.  We got to sit in the tiny chairs at the tiny table. And we got to hear about how Liam is doing in class. Ms. J (L's teacher) shared that Liam is kind, patient and very welcoming of new kids. She would like for him to work on potty training (me, too!) and putting 4-5 word sentences together (holy cow!). She also told us he sits funny (not using those words of course). Liam tends to W sit -he sits on the floor with his legs forming a “W” shape on the floor (knees bent, legs rotated and facing away from the body). He will correct it when asked, but this is usually his go to position. So we will check in with his pediatrician( in a couple weeks at his 2 yr appointment!) to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with him and go from there to have him evaluated. We also learned that Liam's best buddy, V, no longer attends the school. Now it makes sense that Liam came home earlier in the week and shared that V's shape (square) was given to a new kid.
So onto those 4-5 word sentences...

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