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Saturday, November 5, 2011

the market

na.blo.po.mo. #5

Today I FINALLY got to check out the Delmar Farmer's Market! Yahoo! I have been wanting to go here for only about two years (seriously). So we squeezed it into our day. We had a bazillion things to do today, as we have another bazillion things going on tomorrow (and pretty much the rest of this month).  Liam was also excited to go to the "market". Well, I may have encouraged his enthusiasm.
So the market was indoors and we got to checkout & test some really great, local stuff. First our friend, who owns Andi's Apple Cakes was there. Let me say this, she makes a pretty fantastic apple cake...but let me tell you about the pumpkin cake...one word: delicious. Mind you, I don't like anything pumpkin...no pie, no pumpkin flavored coffees, nothing, but this cake. It was great and I can't wait to order some for the upcoming holiday. You should too. Second, I am an squirrel bait addict. This granola is awesome. I may be a bit biased because it has toasted coconut in it and anything with TC in it is almost heaven to me. Liam is also a semi addict. I say semi because most of his granola was in his car seat.

I am so excited about my finds that I had to take a photo of them. Also you can get a sneak peek of the tile we are going to use for our kitchen back splash. Bob Vila & my dad will be taking care of that next weekend.

locally made & delicious!

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